Apartment renovation: Hunting down the perfect rug

A few years ago, I went on vacation to Turkey. On one of the sightseeing tours, we went to see a Turkish rug manufacturer. On our way to the manufacturer, we drove through a small village and still to this day, I’ll never forget the scene from the streets of that village.

There was a rug laying on the street and a man was riding his motorcycle over the freaking rug. We were all a bit perplexed and asked our tourist guide what was going on. She told us that the more the rug is worn out greater its value. I think she as joking! She was probably just as surprised to see the rug-over-motorcycle-riding-guy, as were we.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to the rug loving people. I wasn’t one of them until recently. I didn’t like rugs because as a child I had to vacuum the floor every Saturday and we had a lot of rugs which are hard to vacuum. I hated it. But, I’m all grown up now and we have iRobot. I know that the British often put carpets in their rooms as an alternative to wood flooring. I never liked that. However, I like rugs that cover a part of the floor and the rest is exposed.

I know that the British often put carpets in their rooms as an alternative to wood flooring. I never liked that. However, I like rugs that cover a part of the floor and the rest is exposed.

I want to incorporate a few rugs in my apartment, but I want them to be smaller so I can remove them in the summer.

One of the places, I believe, that will definitely need a rug is the living room. I want the rug to go partially under the sofa, but not entirely. Because I want my sofa to be grey, I think, a more colourful rug will help me make the place feel more vibrant and cosy.

Another room where I want a rug is my bedroom. Although the flooring in my bedroom will be oak parquet, I still much more prefer putting down my legs on a soft rug rather than a semi-cold wood flooring. A bedroom is a relaxation area and I want the colour of the rug to reflect that hence the more natural colours.

I also want a smaller rug in my bathroom. I want to place it in the middle of the room. Since the tiles will most likely be marble I want the rug to scream colour.

Love the contrast between the grey sofa and pink in the rug.:
Mae Woven African mud cloth pillows. @maewoven maewoven.etsy.com:


Grey with Persian (?) rug and white floorboards:

exotic rug / living room makeover / Camille Styles home:

Our bedroom needs that rug. http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-moroccan-shag/ivory/200MTVS28A-2608.html:

Intricate geometric greatness with Rugs USA's Bosphorus BD30 Honeycomb Labyrinth Rug!:


//Before and After : Client Freakin Fabulous// AMBER INTERIORS // PHOTOS TESSA NEUSTADT:


Farmhouse Living: Authentic. Hardworking. Warm. Intentional. —:
Picture source: Pinterest


Prenova stanovanja: Klasični parket

V mojem 72 m2 velikem stanovanju bo kar 65 m2 površine pokrival parket. Parket bo položen v vseh prostorih, razen v kopalnici in morda v kuhinji.

Za talno oblogo si bom izbrala klasični hrastov parket, debeline najmanj 19 mm. Pod parketom ne bo talnega gretja, ker mi takšen način ogrevanja stanovanja enostavno ne ustreza.

Klasični parket je odlična investicija, saj ima zelo dolgo garancijsko dobo, pa še po izteku le-te ga je možno večkrat obnoviti z brušenjem in lakiranjem. Za končno obdelavo še nisem povsem prepričana ali želim oljen ali lakiran izgled. V vsakem primeru se mi zdi izbira parketa za talno oblogo brezčasna, saj les daje domu toplino in energijo.


 photo 5200385_29_0.jpg

P1: Parket hrast (Picture from http://littlegreennotebook.com/2016/01/thoughts-on-wood-flooring-and-my.html/)

P2: Parket hrast (Picture from https://homeadore.com/2012/12/04/private-oasis-dinesen-dinesen/)

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P3: Parket hrast (Picture from http://www.homebunch.com/beautiful-homes-instagram/)