Apartment renovation: Bathroom floor tiles

I am still undecided on what tiles to use in my bathroom.

At first I really liked the idea of an all white bathroom, using off-white porcelain floor tiles and crisp white subway tiles on the walls. But that was months ago 🙂

Now I am in a totally different mind set! I really love the idea of making a statement with the bathroom floor tiles. You can achieve this in two ways: by colour and/or pattern. I am not a huge fan of colour, but I do love me some patterns.

So I came across some really exquisite patterned tiles. I have been following blogger/youtuber Aimee Song of Song of style’s house renovation and she’s the boss. The floor tiles she used in her master bathroom are va-va-voom. I did some research and found them on tilebar.com, but they are way over my budget.


I did manage to find some others that are more in my price range. They are from the http://www.cementtileshop.com/.

Bouquet IICannes III





And here are some more patterns that I love:

Evangeline Nero Marquina And Calacatta Marble TileKalopsia Winds Breath Marble TileVZAG White Gold






What do you think? Let me know in the comments bellow. I’ll be extremely grateful for any insight into the world of tiles 🙂

Love, Katarina


Author: Katarina

A thirty-something individual. Love interior design. Interested in fashion. Eager to renovate my apartment.

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